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Thomas Lee, one of the first blacksmiths to Georgia

THOMAS LEE, SR. came to Georgia as a Trust servant for ten years, having embarked May 14, 1735. After his servitude, in February of 1759 he was granted 200 acres in Augusta on Williams Creek about 50 miles from Augusta and 40 miles from the mouth of the Little River.  A deed (
Colonial Deed Book C-I, page 396-397) records a deed from Isaac and Mary Trippe, cordwainer of Savannah, to Thomas Lee, blacksmith, Savannah, 100 acres in Newport District, bounded northeast by Lachlan McIntosh.  In December of 1760 he possessed 200 acres above Augusta and was ordered to vacate his land by proclamation because of the menacing indians in that area. He then petitioned for 300 acres, 35 miles above Augusta, where James Mathews formerly had a small settlement.  In October of 1770, Thomas Lee was granted 400 acres in St. Phillips Parish, Chatham County.  

WILLIAM LEE, a brother to Thomas Lee, Sr., late of Barbadoes, petitioned on February 4, 1755 for 1800 acres of land, stating that he had a wife and two children, and three servants and 28 negroes on his property. By his brothers will (Thomas), he was left two lots in St. Philip's Parish containing 650 acres. Deed Book C-I, Colonial Deeds, William Lee, Gentleman,Savannah to James and Elizabeth Rutherford, silvers of Savannah, July 18, 1755, a Town Lot in Savannah, Slopes Tything, Percival Ward, No. 3, and five acres, garden lot, west of town; 44 acres and 7/8 acre called farm lot. Wife, Charity, who died August 29, 1799, Richmond Co., Ga. 

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