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Colonial Georgia Families

Biographical Sketches of Georgia's Colonial Families from Europe on www.georgiapioneers.com These sketches trace the family history and genealogy of General Oglethorpe's first passengers to the Colony of Georgia to as far as possible. In many instances, the place of origin is known and also whether or not certain individuals remained in the colony or quit it. This colony's history is perhaps the most interesting of all settlements because Oglethorpe colonized with poor persons and fLeeing persecuted protestants from all over Europe. These same persons soon found themself embroiled in the land war which England declared against Spain in 1739. Because of religious persecution from all over Europe protestants from Scotland England Austria and Germany migrated to the Georgia Colony at the invitation of James Oglethorpe who also sought colonists from FLeet and Newgate Prisons in London. These individual who came onboard the ships "The Ann" "The Purisburg" and "The Prince of Wales" settled in the towns of Savannah Ebenezer Darien (New Inverness) and Frederica. Many of the early settlers were traced by professional genealogist Jeannette Holland Austin and are included as part of this private collection of Georgia Pioneers Index of Names Anderson, David Anderson, George Anderson, Hugh Anderson, James Anderson, Richard Anderson, William Bacon Michael Baillie George Baillie James Baillie Baillie George Baker Benjamin Baker Elijah Baker Joseph S. Baker Nathaniel Baker Richard Baker Thomas, Sr. Baker William Bateman William Bathurst Francis Camuse Jacque Camuse Joseph Carr Mark Christie Thomas Delegal David Delegal Philip Fallowfield Fitzwalter Joseph Germain Michael Graham George Graham James Graham John Graham Mungo Graham Patrick Graham William Harris William Houstoun Patrick Jones Cornelius Jones Frances Jones John Jones Lewis Jones Noble Jones Thomas Jones William Kelly Bryan Kelly John Kelly Peter Kelly Thomas Lee Rebecca Lee Thomas Sr. Lee William MacBean Alexander MacBean Archibald MacBean Duncan MacBean Laughlin MacBean McWillie Jo MacBean Will Mackay Morel Peter Rodolph Musgrove Parker Agnes Parker Elizabeth Parker James Parker Robert S. Parker Sarah Parker Thomas Perkins George Perkins John Perkins Jonathan Perkins Samuel Perkins Thomas Polhill Nathaniel Rae James Pye John Rae John Rae Matthew Rae Robert Robinson Moses Robinson Sylvanus Robinson Thomas Russell Benjamin Russell David Russell Hugh Russell John Russell Samuel Russell William Salter John Salter Samuel Salter Thomas Salter Tolliver Salter Zadock Stephens William Sumner Thomas Vanderplank John Watson Charles Watson Hugh Watson Joseph Whitefield George Young Isaac Young Thomas Zouberbuhler Bartholomew Join Olde Savannah Blog OLDE SAVANNAH Old Colonial Cemetery Said to be the oldest cemetery in Savannah, however the very first burials were in a different location. For example, my research led me to Joseph Coles of London who came on Oglethorpe's first voyage and died soon after his arrival. Some old citizens showed me an area several streets away where a number of burials occurred. The hardships suffered until about 1742 caused many torun away to Charleston.Digital Images of Chatham County Wills and Estates are available to members of Georgia Pioneers Join Old Georgia Families Blog and receive updates Cherokee Families Cherokee Records Cherokees from Georgia who Applied for Land in Oklahoma Based on Their Blood Lineage : A few Cherokee genealogies have been traced and are available to view on Georgia Pioneers. The old census records and Indian Rolls were used, as well as various other information. After 1900, the United States Government established the Dawes Commission for the sole purpose of locating persons with Cherokee ancestry and giving them title to the old reservation lands of Oklahoma and other States. Interviews were given and extensive research performed into the statements of the applicants. These applications mentioned various relatives. There were many families who did not depart on the Trail of Tears, but remained in Georgia to farm their lands, etc. Some of them were known to the Indians, while others were not. Here is What's What at Georgia Pioneers.com Names of Ugeechees, Creeks, Cherokees and Choctaws Traced Cherokee Indians from Georgia 1835 Cherokee Census Roll (list of names) 1835 Forsyth County Census of Cherokees Chapman (Census) Rolls (1851) Counties of Chatham, Cobb, Cherokee, Cass, DeKalb, Gilmer, Gwinnett, Gordon, Forsyth,Walker, Murray, Union 1920 Baker Rolls, the List of Names appearing on the roll Maps Georgia Pioneers was developed by Jeannette Holland Austin to share information preserved over a 40-year period. It contains traced genealogies, probate records, confederate deaths, revolutionary war pensions, cemeteries, obituaries, marriages, census, cherokees, births, school graduates, etc. Georgia Cherokees and Creeks. "Find your Ancestors on Georgia's Largest Genealogy Website" "Subscribe and view genealogies, documents, etc. "
"Find your Ancestors on Georgia's Largest Genealogy Website" "Subscribe and view genealogies, documents, etc. "