Sunday, July 1, 2012

Cherokee Families

Cherokee Records Cherokees from Georgia who Applied for Land in Oklahoma Based on Their Blood Lineage : A few Cherokee genealogies have been traced and are available to view on Georgia Pioneers. The old census records and Indian Rolls were used, as well as various other information. After 1900, the United States Government established the Dawes Commission for the sole purpose of locating persons with Cherokee ancestry and giving them title to the old reservation lands of Oklahoma and other States. Interviews were given and extensive research performed into the statements of the applicants. These applications mentioned various relatives. There were many families who did not depart on the Trail of Tears, but remained in Georgia to farm their lands, etc. Some of them were known to the Indians, while others were not. Here is What's What at Georgia Names of Ugeechees, Creeks, Cherokees and Choctaws Traced Cherokee Indians from Georgia 1835 Cherokee Census Roll (list of names) 1835 Forsyth County Census of Cherokees Chapman (Census) Rolls (1851) Counties of Chatham, Cobb, Cherokee, Cass, DeKalb, Gilmer, Gwinnett, Gordon, Forsyth,Walker, Murray, Union 1920 Baker Rolls, the List of Names appearing on the roll Maps Georgia Pioneers was developed by Jeannette Holland Austin to share information preserved over a 40-year period. It contains traced genealogies, probate records, confederate deaths, revolutionary war pensions, cemeteries, obituaries, marriages, census, cherokees, births, school graduates, etc. Georgia Cherokees and Creeks.
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