Thursday, November 24, 2011

George Washington Adair

George Washington Adair of Atlanta was one in a small list of entrepreneurs who developed the railroad in Atlanta as well as a number of Atlanta neighborhoods. He was the conductor on the first train entering Atlanta over the Georgia Railroad in 1845. Colonel Adair was born of Scots-Irish parentage in rural Morgan County, Georgia. John F. Adair, his father, was a wheelwright by trade, and in 1825, shortly after the birth of the George, the family moved to DeKalb County, settling about five miles from Decatur.
This branch of the Adairs descend from a long lineage of Scotch-Irish, which lineage has been traced to ca 1100 A. D. by Jeanette Holland Austin and is found on Georgia Pioneers
He was 31 years of age when he came to Atlanta in 1854 and built his home, opening the mercantile business Adair and Ezzard and later indulging in real estate projects which helped to enlarge Atlanta and build its economy.

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