Thursday, October 6, 2016

Peter Gruber of Austria to Georgia #history #genealogy

Peter Gruber

TaxenbachThe Catholic archbishop of Austria ordered all protestants out of the country in 1722. They had two weeks to pack up and leave. Several hundred Austrians roamed about Europe searching for homes. When General James Oglethorpe learned of the persecution, he welcomed these people into Georgia. However, by then, the numbers of homeless was diminished as they situated themselves around Europe, with only about 100 people remaining to emigrate. Maria Kraher emigrated to Georgia from Austria with her first husband, Hans Mosshammer. After he died, she was married to Peter Gruber in Ebenezer, Georgia, and after his death, married a third husband, Charles Floerl. Peter Gruber was born in Taxenbach, Berchtesgaden, Germany. Later on, the name was changed to Groover, especially as descendants moved into Bulloch County.


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