Friday, August 5, 2016

Anthony Bonnell of Burke and Screven Counties #georgiapioneers

Jeannette Holland Austin
Anthony Bonnell
By Jeannette Holland Austin

Anthony Bonnell was born in 1741 and died in Screven County. He served as an Ensign in the 4th Regiment in 1774, promoted to Second Lieutenant of the First Company in 1778 during the Revolutionary War for which he received a land grant in Burke (now Screven) County. The Republican and Savannah Evening Ledger: "Died at his plantation in Screven Co. last Tues., Anthony Bonnell, in his 68th year." 4/27/1809.

Since the records of Burke County did not survive, it behooves the genealogist to research Screven County as some of the original land grants later fell into Screven.


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