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III. What happened to Loyalists after the Revolutionary War?

GEORGE BAILLIE  was a descendant of the Scottish Highlanders and owned plantations in  McIntosh and Liberty counties. He received a Land Grant of 350 acres in St. Thomas Parish on Oct. 31, 1765 and 300 acres, same parish, Oct. 31, 1765; and 1000 acres in St. Paul's Parish, on Sept. 2, 1766. This land was on Spirit Creek where he built a sawmill, later acquiring another 1000 acres (Nov. 1771) on the south side of Great Satilla River, which he cleared with the help of eight negro slaves, constructing another sawmill. He supplied great quantities of timber to the settlers in Augusta and Savannah.

George Baillie resided in Augusta. He took a seat in the Georgia Assembly in January of 1761. In 1764 he was again elected as a Member of the House representing St. Paul's Parish (Augusta), which he declined because of private reasons, and did not take a seat in the General Assembly again until April of 1772, this time representing the Vernonburg District.

When the Revolutionary War began, George Baillie, still active in the affairs of His Majesty, wrote a letter to the Commissary General complaining of the removal of stores, cannons, carriages, etc., and was told to tell the persons doing it to stop.

After the war, in 1785, 1,000 acres of confiscated land belonging to George Baillie was sold to Robert Forsythe.

June 19, 1782, 3,000 acres of confiscated land of the late Robert Baillie was sold to Roger Sanders.

A countryman, Andrew Baillie from Edinburgh, Scotland, emigrated to Barbados ca 1709, and since any loyalists went to Barbados, this is a likely resource to find further information concerning George Baillie.

Sources: Baillie Genealogy on Georgia Pioneers

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