Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ancient Families in the British Isles

This book, mitigated to Georgia Pioneers includes a number of historical families in the British Isles.
Those traced, many to 1300s, are Adair, Albini, Bacon, Baconsthorpe, Badlesmere, Belconger, Bellomont, Bigod, Bohun, Braose, Burgh, Camp, Cantilupe, Clare, Cobbs, Columbers, Despenser, Dutton, FitzAlan, Hastings, Haydock, Holande, Honywood, Lacie, Molines, Mollenax, Molyneux, Morley, Mortimer, Peachie, Ross, Someri, Stafford, Swynnerton, Tilghman, Tillman, Tregoz, Touchet and Vere. These families  have been traced on Georgia Pioneers

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