Friday, January 27, 2012

Gibbons Family of Savannah

The Gibbons families in Chatham and Liberty Counties owned large tracts of land and were quite wealthy. William Gibbons was probably one of the largest planters in Christ Church Parish.  He owned lots at Yamacraw Bluff, the old Indian site, as well as 1562 acres under the bluff of the Savannah River East of Bull Street, 1000 acres of rier swamp, land on the southside of the Newport River, 100 acres on Buffalo Swamp near the Altamaha River and 500 acres of lake swamp above Fort Barrington. The genealogy is traced on <a href="">Georgia Pioneers</a> and is available to members. Another interesting facet is that all of the old original Gibbons wills are also available. To see there, go to Chatham County Records.
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